Province 5 Security Ltd. T/A Meath Security Service


                                Fire Warden Training 

We train employees as Emergency Response Teams, i.e fire, chemicals, breathing apparatus and other emergencies, also in house fire warden training and evacuation, fire extingusher training and their correct use.

We train your employees in compliance to the " Safety, Health and Welfare in Work Act (1989) "  and " Safety, Health and Welfare at Work Act (General Applications) Regulations 1993 ".




Fire Safety


Province 5 Security can provide you with a high level of expertise covering a wide range of fire safety services that can be tailored to meet your individual needs.

These include:

: Independent and Impartial consultancy services 

: Promotion of fire safety  and arson awareness

: Provision of high quality fire safety  training solutions

 Great emphasis is placed on the fact that our service is provided by a qualified Fire Officer Training Instructor with a wealth of command and training experience in the fire service.

The way that you and your staff deal with the treat of fire is vital if you are to safeguard your interests and continue to provide a high quality service to your customers and member of the public.

We can help by providing quality  solutions which insure your business continuity.

We aim to :

: Protect your business interests by offering you expert and impartial advice and assistance.

: Save you money by taking a look at the provision of your safety and fire fighting equipment to ensure that it is both suitable and apropiate for the risk.

: Train and motivate your staff into taking a more active role in fire prevention and risk assessments, thereby reducing the damaging effects that a fire can have on the long term viability of the company.

: Help you manage your risk by training staff to conduct fire risk assessment in order to progressively control  the risk of fire.

: Deliver a comprehensive Fire Safety Awareness Training Programme as part of your security package in Fire Evacuation Planning and Training.